Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Fest 2016

This summer’s greatest vegan comfort food experience in Toronto!

Located in downtown Toronto (at the Historic Fort York) we were able to attend one of the most magical events that took place this summer: Vegan Food & Drink Fest!!
Although this was an all-ages event, guests who were 19+ were able to check out the onsite bars (which served craft brews, wine, and spirits).

We wish we could say the weather was beautiful and warm, but Toronto had one of the worst heat waves that day (followed by a massive thunderstorm) lol! However, the rain was refreshing and didn’t bother us one bit! Rocco and one of our friends eventually gave up holding their umbrellas and played ping pong in the pouring rain. We were surrounded with amazing like-minded friends (along with new ones) and all shared one thing in common: we came with an appetite for vegan comfort food!! This year, the organizers had literally twice as many vendors from all over Ontario (including Texas, Ohio, and California). Be prepared to feast your eyes on some mouth-watering pics…

One of the highlights from the event were the pop-ups placed sporadicly on the grounds. Pictured above: Breakfast Focaccia from Tori’s Bakeshop.

*Round of applause*

Among the food vendors, we had an abundance of booths setup! Animal Rights groups, the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank, jewelry and vegan cosmetics, henna tattoos, and balloon twisting.

20160813_121317 20160813_114434
Arlo’s all the way from TEXAS!!!! We devoured their Bac’n Cheezeburger (pictured below). One of the BEST burgers ever!!

IMG_20160813_115648 received_10208804243836862
Arlo’s Burger (MMMM! Cheesy and satisfying!) and the Vanilla Cardamom Pop from ChillPops *bursting with flavour*.

Rastafarian comfort food from Kensington Market<3
It was pretty great to have these divinely cooked greens and brown rice after all those sweets 😉 lol.


20160813_123800 20160813_125954
SteamBox Dumplings varieties with a savoury cashew-based sauce and D-Beatstro’s irresistible Cookie Donut.

IMG_20160813_132156 IMG-20160815-WA0006
Vegan Funnel Cakes with a sorbet scoop of love! And we also indulged in the white chocolate brownie from Charlie’s Brownies. *drooling*

VEGAN WINGS from Doug McNish! This man has some delicious talent and always amazes us with his gourmet food!! (Check out his restaurant in Toronto: Doug’s Kitchen).

With some of our favourite veggie friends <3 #AnimalLovers

“Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious, positive and negative alike.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 9.48.33 AM
Ping pong (and beer pong) tables were plenty! I’m pretty sure we spotted a few people playing badminton as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.56.32 AM
And here are all the yummy food vendors (Courtesy of Vegan Food Fest).

Overall, the event was very well organized and we were quite pleased!
– Entrance ticket prices were very reasonable ($10 if you purchase them in advance)
– There was plenty of food and beverages for everyone
– Atlas Genius performed (along with local musicians)!
– Torres Washington graced us with his presence (lol)!
– A HUGE variety of foods ranging from donuts, to pizza, to burgers, ice cream, waffles, cold brew coffee, green juices, raw foods, kombucha, cookies, Mac n Cheese…

-YOU NAME IT and it was all there! <3 See ya next year, Vegan Foodies!