Vegan Cruise: the ultimate experience for your mind, body, and spirit!

Holistic Holiday at Sea: the ultimate experience for your mind, body and spirit.

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We’ve seen this vegan cruise advertised in VegNews several times- issue by issue, year after year. We often imagined how wonderful it would be to experience the gourmet vegan cuisine, visit beautiful countries in the Caribbean, engage in presentations from world-renowned nutritional doctors, and meet hundreds of like-minded people. After many years of gazing and pondering, we finally took the plunge (bad pun lol)!

There are several reasons why this experience is considered “One of the 100 Best Worldwide Vacations to enrich your life” (according to the National Geographic Traveler).

Firstly: the food!!!
We cannot begin to explain how perfect everything was. The dishes were mostly gluten-free and oil-free: but don’t let this fool you, they were the best tasting meals we’ve ever had in our entire lives! We were also able to try an array of grains (such as millet and amaranth), exquisite desserts ranging from pies to puddings, healthier takes on comfort food (such as lasagna) and an abundance of plant-based protein-packed foods such as smokey tempeh. Most of the breakfasts started with a bowl of warm Miso soup, a type of porridge, steamed greens, and fresh fruit. You also had the option of the buffet bar which had various cereals, milk-alternatives (including coffee creamers), nut-based cream cheese, and a smoothie bar. Lunch and Dinners were almost always served as 5 course-meals (you can see one of the menus below). Did we also mention there was also an all-you-can-eat vegan pizza section? Oh yeah! That totally happened!

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Lots of greens, as you can see :) With almost every course! The meals were intended to provide a ‘holistic’ delicious experience.
IMG_20160303_183321 IMG_20160304_133311
The desserts left us speechless- everything was perfect! Nothing was overly sweet either!
IMG_20160303_082312 IMG_20160303_184054
An array of tropical fruits on all of the breakfast courses.
(Chocolate ganache cake with raspberry puree).
IMG_20160302_185322 IMG_20160301_183804
One of our favourites was the Seitan pasta dish (made with Yam noodles)- it also came with a fresh shredded carrot-salad combined with a touch of Vegenaise and coconut.

Astounding presentations by brilliant and audience-captivating nutritional doctors:
Organized within the theatre and various rooms onboard the cruise, there were dozens of daily presentations for us to engage in. Here are some examples of the presentations we attended:
Origin and Meaning of The China Study with Dr T Colin Campbell
Uprooting the Cause of Death with Dr Michael Greger
Cheese: How Breaking the Secret Addiction Can Revolutionize Your Life with Dr Neal Barnard
Overall, everything health-related was presented onboard, including other topics such as: stress management, food-mood connection, nutrition after the age of 50, power-foods, vegan beauty, healing powers of sound and light, etc.


And lots of hands-on learning experience too:
The vegan cruise offered dozens of hands-on experiences for everyone, including:
– fitness classes with vegan bodybuilders such as Robert Cheeke, Derek Tresize and his wife Marcella, and Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete)
– daily morning meditation and yoga classes
– cooking classes (with samples you can try!)
– book signings with various presenters, such as Dr Michael Greger (who was very personable upon signing our copy of How Not to Die).
– and lots of one-on-one appointments with the presenters which you can arrange.

Meeting hundreds of like-minded individuals:
Most of the passengers were vegan and it was delightful to meet so many! We were a little shy introducing ourselves early on in the week (as most of the tables during lunch/dinner were filled with others). However, after only a couple of days, we met dozens of vegans from all over the world. In this way, we were able to converse and meet so many interesting beings. Some of them were newly vegan, some reversed heart disease and diabetes through nutrition, some were food-bloggers (such as The Ordinary Vegan), and some were even 80yr old marathon running sisters! We made so many remarkable friends in less than a week; it was very inspiring and we learned a great deal about nutrition and leading a healthy life.

Let’s not forget: the travelling!
We stayed in Miami for a couple days before boarding the cruise. Two words: Bunnies Cakes! If you ever happen to visit Miami, you need to try their cupcakes!! But asides from that, the vegan cruise ported at three countries. First stop: we went snorkelling and spotted wild sea turtles and rare, majestic tropical fish in the Virgin Islands of St Thomas. Second stop: riding on ATV’s through the luscious rainforest called El Yunque, in Puerto Rico. And lastly, we ported at Bahamas- where we just enjoyed the warmth of the sun by the water and enjoyed fresh coconuts.

IMG_20160301_114714  20160304_085653

There were also vegan perks!
The passengers onboard the vegan cruise were always entertained- there was something fun to do at every hour in the day! Two of our favourite nightly events were hosted by the pool area: music-filled Ice Cream Parties and Pizza parties! We indulged in the Coconut Bliss ice cream sundae party with lots of fresh sweet toppings and syrups (not pictured below, but there were a variety of nuts, berries, nut butters, and other fruits. And the pizza party served veggie slices made with Go Veggie vegan cheese! Lastly, we got dozens of samples in our rooms on a daily basis.It was difficult to capture a picture showcasing all the samples, but we received: REAL Salt, VegNews magazine, organic soaps, protein powders, granola bars, Earth Paste toothpaste, coupons, light-flavoured chips, etc.

IMG_20160303_215743 IMG_20160228_222411

Overall, this trip was quite like no-other! We are definitely coming back for another round of gourmet health-conscious meals, exploring new cultures, and a remarkable social learning experience!

Namaste :)