Our Vegan Wedding

January 10th 2015- The day Sacco (Sarah and Rocco) Tied the Knot! #saccotietheknot

*Wedding Bells ringing* So, how did we incorporate all our favourite things into our special day? Read on to learn more about our unique and creative day!
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.18.46 PMWe were engaged for 2 years before we tied the knot. Rocco, being very brave by testing Sarah’s patience (lol), decided to propose on the coldest day of the year! He did, however, pick a spectacular scene under a romantic canopy in Old Quebec City, overlooking the St Lawrence River. We’ve actually known each other for a little over 10 years- we clicked as great friends throughout College, remained in contact during University.. years later, we joked around about getting married. Next thing you know, the universe brought us just one step closer!

After 2 years of planning all the details, searching for the perfect reception to accommodate our special dream, creating our winter-themed centerpieces, gathering up hundreds of pinecones, designing a snowflake wedding cake, and working on an all-vegan menu: we were amazed and proud to pull it off successfully! Having a vegan wedding was not an easy decision; fortunately, most of our friends and family were supportive of our idea. We eventually realized that we couldn’t have it any other way! Our love and compassion for all beings surpassed everything else- it meant the world to us to have a cruelty-free wedding. Although we did have our worries and concerns about the big day, it turned out to be a hit (especially for our fellow vegan, vegetarian and lactose-intolerant friends!)


Our special day started off with us getting ready to tie the knot and party! Rocco and his suit: unlike most suits that contain silk, we ensured his suit had no animal by-products; his suit was 100% cotton (fortunately, it kept him cozy, comfortable, and warm on a winter day).1Sarah ensured she had a delicious, filling, healthy carb-filled breakfast while getting ready. The day before, we purchased a tray of fresh-cut fruits (cantaloupe, apples, grapes, pears and kiwi) for Sarah and her bridesmaids. We also had granola bars, almond milk, and bagels with chocolate hazelnut spread.2

Unlike most traditional weddings, we strived to be different and work with our creativity. We also learned that most couples have a tradition of the father walking the bride and “giving her away” to her future husband. As a couple, we were not too elated with this concept as it seemed old-aged and “too” traditional. (If you Google search this tradition, fathers-of-the-bride used to accept a farmed animal in return for their daughter being ‘given away’!). On the bright side, both Sarah’s parents were extremely flattered and honoured to walk Sarah down the aisle , while Rocco walked down with his mom.

Sarah has never been the flower-type of gal lol. Luckily, our ceremony was held in a beautiful glassed green-housed area in Casa Loma, with lots of windows viewing the snow outside and a magical array of floral plants surrounding us. Pro: this saved us a ton of money on flowers for the wedding! We arranged for simple yet elegant bouquets for our bridesmaids (Baby’s Breath with a few white roses), small floral accents down the aisle, and a few blue and purple orchids on our head table at our hall.

We were also honoured to have a 4-string quartet play our favourite songs before the ceremony, including songs modern pop songs by Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, etc. Our entrance song was a beautiful popular Indian melody called Balle Balle- can you tell by now that we tried to be different? Lol!

5We could not have done it without the help of our wonderful friends and family!7Now time to celebrate! Our friend Karolina and her dance-partner graced the dance-floor with some phenomenal dance moves:

8Sarah’s dad surprised our guests with his awesome Reggae moves during the father-daughter dance (to, none other than: Bob Marley music!)

9The amazing Marco Bongo brought his amazing musical skills to our dance-floor- everyone started to dance.

10And of course our vegan menu, with the help of Roma’s Hospitality Centre:
Antipasto Plate with Grilled Veggies, Olives, Mushrooms, and Bruschetta.
Winter Butternut Squash Soup.
Penne alla Romana & Bowties alla Pesto.
Chick’n Parmesan with roasted potatoes and seasoned veggies, served with Spring Mix Salad.
and Vanilla Cookie Gelato, and Hazelnut Chocolate Gelato <3
11They worked extra hard to ensure our desserts were all vegan, as well!

13 12

And they really out-did themselves when they served the late-night vegan poutine station (which had regular and sweet potato fries):

14Sweets from the Earth (a Toronto-based popular bakery) made our beautiful and delicious wedding cake: topped with our little penguins which we had customized from an online Etsy store.

Our decor turned out extravagant!  Along with our best-man Giuseppe, Rocco’s cousin, we assembled our wishing-tree center-pieces with silver beads and artificial blue orchids. We also collected hundreds of pine-cones, frosted them with a white tint, and used them as accents on the tables.
1617One of our guests was able to take some shots of our food :)
18And we danced the night away… <3