Wishing Well Farm Sanctuary: a sanctuary of compassion.

Approximately 45 minutes north of Toronto is a wonderful sanctuary like no other: Wishing Well. Situated in a quiet, forested area in Bradford, Wishing Well promises personal growth, inner peace, healing and joy.

Initially, we were newly vegan when we visited the sanctuary a few years ago. After visiting and meeting all the animals, the experience really reinforced our beliefs that all animals are beautiful, loving souls (just like our pets at home); they were no different. We observed how each of them had their own personalities: some were shy, some were playful and outgoing, and some suffered a great deal of physical and mental pain before they were rescued. It was bittersweet to hear some of their stories about the conditions they endured before arriving at Wishing Well. From hearing about pigs falling off slaughterhouse trucks, to calfs who were meant to end up as veal, abused chickens and sheep, neglected ducks, etc.- it was wonderful that each of these animals had a second chance at living a happy and peaceful life here at Wishing Well.

(Freckles the lamb)

You can find more information on events hosted at the farm by checking out their website. There are typically 1-2 monthly events ranging from meeting the animals, potlucks, volunteering, etc. Most of the animals and their rescue stories are also featured on the web-page.
Wishing Well Sanctuary is a registered charitable organization and is always accepting donations for the animals. You can even sponsor an animal of your choice (we sponsored Prudence the duck)!

We attended the Love of the Lambs event on a chilly April Saturday morning. Here, we were fortunate to spend time meeting each of the lambs, hugging them, bonding with them, and watching them nibble on their lunch.


We also met this handsome stud Lightening, the llama. Although he was very protective of the lambs, he loved the attention he was getting from us (and he was also a huge fan of selfies)!
Lightening was rescued from a local petting zoo; you may think petting zoos are animal-friendly, but the harsh reality is that these animals are sent to slaughterhouses when they are no longer ‘young and cute’. This is a cycle repeated every year… and luckily, Lightening will live the rest of his life on this beautiful farm.

20160402_130717  Snapchat-5364134804825386371

Here is Mr. Moo Moo the Angus cow! (You may have seen ‘Angus’ advertised in commercialized media… these are mostly solid black/red cows and often the udder may be white). Don’t let their appearance deceive you, the volunteers recognize the cows as “gentle giants”. Although they were massive creatures, they were very playful, friendly, and enjoyed being petted.


“Teacup piggies” brought to the sanctuary because the owners pondered why they grew lol. We learned that there is no such thing as a Teacup/Micro pig; they are essentially potbelly pigs grown to be a little over a hundred pounds.

20160402_133128 copy

They were also enjoying a nutritious lunch! :)


Every visit we’ve made to Wishing Well thus far has been a new and rewarding experience. We bond with the animals just like we do with cats and dogs. We also see the beauty in each of them and how remarkable they are. These creatures are all unique and majestic in their own ways- they will surely leave an imprint on your heart!


“Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.” ♥